Update: Jacksonia Street Traffic Pattern Conversion Plan

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure has announced its final plans for directional change of the traffic pattern on Jacksonia Street between Arch Street and Federal Street, effective MARCH 2022. These changes are in response to a request by residents for traffic calming and neighborhood feedback gathered from three public meetings held over the course of 2021.

DOMI's Jacksonia Street Conversion Update

Upon receipt of Traffic Calming Application, DOMI organized a community walk-through with residents and collected speed and volume data. Speed threshold and origin-destination analyses showed that the most significant issue here is not excessive speeding (17 mph median speed), but the prevalence of cut-through traffic (800 vehicles per day) utilizing Jacksonia Street. For 95-98% of the drivers on Jacksonia Street, it is not their final destination.

Data collected on parallel streets in November of 2021 indicated volumes between 94 and 671 vehicles per day. This data will be used as a point of comparison to determine if the changes to Jacksonia result in undue pressure on adjacent streets.

In response to community concerns about the original proposal to convert the blocks between Monterey and Arch to EASTBOUND traffic, DOMI has agreed to modify the proposal such that the block between Arch and Federal will now flip direction to eastbound. Drivers will no longer be able to enter Jacksonia from Federal. Additional signage will be placed indicating no outlet through the neighborhood.

After a period of three months, DOMI will collect data in order to evaluate the efficacy of this conversion and to determine whether or not they should be implemented permanently.

Download the flyer with DOMI’s Jacksonia Street Conversion Plan Update.


2 Responses to “Update: Jacksonia Street Traffic Pattern Conversion Plan”

  1. Dick Thompson

    This is a poor plan. I expect it will now be impossible to make the exit from Fireman’s Way on to Jacksonia.
    A simpler solution to test would have been to put a stop sign on Jacksonia at Fireman’s.

  2. Since there will be no option but Alpine to turn left off of Federal, will there be a traffic study done at Federal and Alpine to check for influx?


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