ACCA 2023-2025 Board of Directors Nominations

Meet the Candidates for the 2023-2025 Board of Directors

Allegheny City Central Association

At the Allegheny City Central Association General Membership Meeting on Monday, May 8, 2023, members will vote for individuals to fill open positions on the ACCA Board of Directors. Those elected will serve for two years, through May 2025, and join the other board members whose terms expire in 2024. Take some time to learn more about each of the candidates:

Brittany Conkle

Brittany Conkle has been a Central Northsider for over ten years. Originally from West Virginia, she is now a happy homeowner on Alpine Ave.

Brittany is the Legal Director at the Women’s Center & Shelter Civil Law Project. The Civil Law Project provides free legal representation to survivors of domestic violence in various civil matters, mainly Protection From Abuse (PFA), custody, support, and divorce.

Brittany volunteers at her church bookstore and in various professional groups. She loves living on the Northside and hopes to give back to this vibrant community through taking an active role in the ACCA.

Matthew Hartford

Matthew Hartford has been a Northsider for four years, but a Pittsburgher since birth. After growing up in New Kensington, Matt began his career with PNC Bank in 2010, and was quickly offered an opportunity in its newest Midwest region, Chicago. It was during that time that Matt began to vividly dream of Pittsburgh’s vast potential to match the beauty and buzz of the country’s most reputedly vibrant cities.

After seven years and meeting his soulmate, Chelsea, Matt and his new fiancé returned to make Pittsburgh their home in late 2019. From here, the couple experienced everything from the pandemic through their wedding to the birth of their first child (a happy baby boy, Leo) in November 2022! Through it all, Matthew and his family have fallen completely in love with their Northside Community.

Matthew works as an Investment Banker with Strategic Advisors in Wexford, where he assists small-to-medium-sized, locally-owned business owners. Personally, Matt volunteers on the Young Professionals Board of Junior Achievement, and has even spent a season coaching for Pittsburgh’s other Professional Football Team, the all-female Pittsburgh Passion. Today, Matt is eager to turn his energy and passions toward serving his city and the Allegheny City Central Association.

Nancy Schaefer

Nancy Schaefer moved to Central Northside in 1984 after getting to know the neighborhood while serving as a Pitt School of Social Work intern for the Neighborhood Council.

Nancy has enjoyed living here, raising her daughter, buying a house, and being part of many different community initiatives over the years.  She resided on Buena Vista Street for 15 years before purchasing a house on Arch, where she has been since 2000. 

Nancy enjoys serving on the board of West Park Court which she has done for 35 years. Her interest in joining the board of Allegheny City Central Association is primarily to help with outreach so that everyone who lives in the community feels they are invited and welcome to participate.

Please Note: Additional nominees may be added as they become available.


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