ACCA 2024-2026 Board of Directors Nominations

Meet the Candidates for the 2024-2026 Board of Directors

Allegheny City Central Association

At the Allegheny City Central Association General Membership Meeting on Monday, May 13, 2024, members will vote for individuals to fill open positions on the ACCA Board of Directors. Those elected will serve for two years, through May 2026, and join the other board members whose terms expire in 2025.

Take some time to learn more about each of the candidates:

Larry DiCicco

Larry DiCicco is a native Northsider, growing up on Madison Avenue (near Verdetto’s) and then relocating up near Perry High School by I 279 construction. He attended all Pittsburgh Schools, including Latimer (now the School House), Allegheny High School, Community College of Allegheny County, and Carnegie-Mellon University. He received his Bachelors Degree in Science (Civil Engineering) from Carnegie-Mellon, and a Masters in Business from Indiana University.

His professional career was almost exclusively in Project Management, including project development and execution. He spent over 40 years developing and executing projects both domestically and internationally. He is committed to team building and teamwork as a prerequisite for achieving results and success.

In addition to his professional career, Mr. DiCicco has owned and managed property on the Northside since 1996. He was involved with Big Brothers during his 7 years in St. Louis, and Board Member for UMC in Kirkwood, MO.

Mr. DiCicco relocated back to the Northside as a property owner in 2023, and has enjoyed re-engaging with so many friends and memories from his Northside days in the 60’s and 70’s. His wife Patti and three adult children are an integral part of his daily life, as is his dog Onyx who enjoys walking in the Commons parks.

Deirdre Menchaca

Deirdre and her husband, Frank, have been Arch Street residents since 2016. Originally from the greater Boston area, Deirdre lived in Connecticut for several years (New Haven, Cheshire and Fairfield), where she worked for a small press book distributor, a newspaper startup, and an educational/academic publisher. The Menchacas and their three sons moved to Michigan for Frank’s job (also in academic/educational publishing), where Deirdre was active in the recovery community and at the local UCC church.

When Frank began a new job at SAE in Warrendale and the younger sons left for college in Boston, the Menchacas looked at many neighborhoods and houses, falling in love with the War Streets. The Menchacas are active supporters of City of Asylum where Deirdre has done a bit of volunteering. Deirdre has also served as the Judge of Elections in Spring Hill for several years.

Deirdre has attended so many ACCA meetings that she thought it was about time to give back; she would like to focus on growing membership.

Please Note: Additional nominees may be added as they become available.


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