These committees support the ACCA mission to “enhance the quality of life for all Allegheny City Central residents.” To learn more or become a member, please contact the chairperson at the email address listed below.

Affordable Housing

ACCA’s Affordable Housing Committee is tasked with developing goals and a strategic plan for preserving and possibly creating a range of affordable housing options in Allegheny City Central.



ACCA’s beautification is dedicated to improving the streetscape of Allegheny City Central. Members meet regularly to discuss issues such as tree planting, public art placement, and litter cleanup. We are dedicated to making our neighborhood a more beautiful place to live and work.



The Bylaws Committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating the Allegheny City Central Association bylaws.



The Communications Committee facilitates communication among Allegheny City Central stakeholders through various means including the ACCA Weekend Update, social media, mass media, the ACCA website, events, other electronic and print materials, and the Welcome, Neighbor to Neighbor program.



The Development Committee is responsible for coordinating residential and commercial development activities within Allegheny City Central. The committee works with developers to ensure that community interests are taken into account during all phases of development.

Note: If you’re a developer who wants a letter of support from ACCA, please see our Letter of Support Procedure.



The goal of the Safety Committee is to identify and promote preventive safety measures, and to share community concerns with the Zone 1 Police, or other appropriate city/county resources, in an effort to act together to better resolve the safety concerns of residents.