Federal and North Master Plan


The Federal and North Master Plan is an extension of our larger Community Master Plan. The goal the Federal and North Master Plan is to provide a framework as we move forward in developing the commercial corridor located at the intersection of Federal Street and North Avenue so that it can be transformed into a place that draws people of all ages, one that safely accommodates vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and where the community can feel a sense of pride and ownership.


Funding for the development of the Federal and North Master Plan was provided (in part) by the Design Center through the Design Fund program, which offers grants and technical support to procure and effectively utilize design and planning services for community benefit.

The Design Center assisted ACCA in selecting a designer for the plan and guided the development process.

Development Process

ACCA selected Moore Design Associates to develop the Federal and North Master Plan. The development was guided by a steering committee of interested stakeholders including neighborhood residents, businesses, cultural institutions, the City of Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority, and the Department of City Planning.

The steering committee met with Moore Design Associates three times over the course of several months. Multiple concepts of the plan were reviewed and revised. A final recommendation was ultimately created and presented to the community at the July 14, 2014 ACCA general membership meeting.

The Plan

Federal and North Master Plan
Federal and North Master Plan

In order to accomplish its goals, the Federal and North Master Plan identifies 22 specific elements that can be addressed within the zoned local business district. Each element falls within one of the eight following categories.

  • Intersections
  • Sidewalks
  • Infrastructure
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Buildings
  • Bike / Bus Related Elements
  • Art
  • Site Furnishings

View the Federal and North Master Plan.

View the 49 page presentation from the July 14, 2014 meeting to see more detail.


Federal and North Master Plan Priorities
Master Plan Priorities

The steering committee identified the nine top priority elements within the plan. The community at large was asked to rank their priorities for those top nine elements. People attending the July 14 meeting had the opportunity to provide their feedback at the meeting. Feedback was also collected for a period of four weeks after the meeting through an online form on this page. In all, input from 55 people helped to rank the priorities of the different elements within the plan.

View the master plan priorities.