Property Reserve

Allegheny City Central Association participates in the City’s Property Reserve program to facilitate the redevelopment of tax delinquent properties. A simplified overview of the process is as follows:

  1. ACCA submits a request to submit a tax delinquent property for a City Treasurer’s Sale,
  2. The application is reviewed by the City and URA,
  3. If determined to be eligible (an eligible property must be vacant, at least 2 years tax delinquent, and cannot be involved in a bankruptcy procedure), the property is placed on the schedule for a Treasurer’s Sale,
  4. If the property is not redeemed (i.e. the current owner doesn’t pay off the amount due or set up a payment plan) it goes through a “quiet title” process, which clears the interests of the owner and other lien holders.
  5. Once the title has been cleared, the parcel is placed in the City’s Property Reserve and ACCA may acquire it by paying the City a fee and reimbursing the City for its costs.

The entire process typically takes 18 – 24 months.

ACCA’s properties in the Property Reserve provide an opportunity to build on the success of the Federal Hill project and expand the availability of quality infill and restored housing in the interior of the neighborhood. October Development has completed the first phase of development along Jacksonia Street which utilized several Property Reserve parcels.

Four parcels are currently being held for the Great House Sale (GHS). The GHS is a program that is designed to allow for prospective owner occupants to purchase the properties once they have financing for the renovations. More information on this program is available on the ACCA website, and interested parties can sign up to receive emails with additional information at

ACCA went through a public RFP process in the fall of 2013 and has awarded some properties to four applicants for development purposes. Other property is being held to be aggregated with additional acquisitions for future development opportunities that are consistent with the Community Master Plan.

ACCA welcomes inquiries and questions or comments about the Property Reserve program. These inquiries should be directed to the Development Committee at

List of Properties in Reserve

107 Alpine Ave23-F-352VLClearTodd Palcic
209 Alpine Ave23-F-289VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
211 Alpine Ave23-F-288VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
212 Alpine Ave23-F-228VLAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
213 Alpine Ave23-F-287VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
214 Alpine Ave23-F-229AVLAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
216 Alpine Ave23-F-230VLClearAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
217 Alpine Ave23-F-285VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
223 Alpine Ave23-F-282VLClearDeena Kelly
227 Alpine Ave23-F-280VLNA - Hold for Future Development
229 Alpine Ave23-F-279VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
237 Alpine Ave23-F-275VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
238 Alpine Ave23-F-245VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
240 Alpine Ave23-F-246VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
242 Alpine Ave23-F-247AVLNA - Hold for Future Development
244 Alpine Ave23-F-249VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
245 Alpine Ave23-F-271VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
248 Alpine Ave23-F-253VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
249 Alpine Ave23-F-270VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
251 Alpine Ave23-F-269VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
255 Alpine Ave23-F-267VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
257 Alpine Ave23-F-266VLNA - Hold for Future Development
1511 Arch St23-F-328VBClearOctober Development
401 Armandale St23-F-258VBGreat House Sale
108 Carrington St23-F-180VBGreat House Sale
206 Carrington St23-F-157VBGreat House Sale
209 Carrington St23-F-289VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
211 Carrington St23-F-227VLClearAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
213 Carrington St23-F-229VLClearAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
215 Carrington St23-F-2291VLAndrew Reichert -- Go Realty
237 Carrington St23-F-244VLClearNA - Hold for Future Development
115 East Jefferson St23-F-175VBGreat House Sale

VL = Vacant Land
VB = Vacant Building