Garden Theater Block Meeting – Monday, August 3

8 West North AvenueThere will be a special community meeting hosted by TREK Development Group at the Children’s Museum at 6 pm tomorrow (Monday, August 3). TREK will present their plan for developing the Garden Theater Block, answer questions, and address concerns. Although TREK has very preliminary architectural concepts, the issue currently at hand is the size and density of the proposed development. Once that has been settled, TREK will continue to refine the design with community input.

Bradberry Apartments on Reddour StreetIn addition to saving the fronts of the buildings at 4, 6 and 8 West North Avenue, TREK plans to fill in the empty lot at 2 West North Avenue, and build apartments set back 15 feet from the facades of the existing buildings on West North. TREK’s plan will require zoning variances for the height, density and for providing parking in the garage immediately behind the block.

TREK has presented their plans and answered questions at the last three ACCA general membership meetings. ACCA believes that this development plan will not only save the historic buildings on West North Avenue, Federal Street and Reddour Street, but repopulate and enliven this key district at the heart of our neighborhood. The membership voted overwhelmingly in support of this at its July meeting.

There are other groups in our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods who are considering opposing this development by way of a letter of non-support to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. TREK Development Group organized this meeting to reach that larger audience, dispel misinformation, and hopefully alleviate concerns.

4 West North AvenuePlease plan to attend the meeting on Monday night to show your support for this development effort, and if at all possible, attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing on Thursday, August 6 (10:10 am, 200 Ross Street) and speak in favor of granting TREK the variances needed to develop this block. If you are not able to attend the zoning hearing, please consider sending a letter of support to the the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

If you have any questions, please contact Allegheny City Central Association.

August 5 Update

View the plan as presented at the August 3 meeting by TREK Development Group, Q Development, and Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.



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  1. Brian Shannon

    Very impressed with the plan for the Garden Theater Block. First Class and sure to inspire more development nearby!


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